Friday, September 29, 2006

Creating Fewer Terrorists

Goldberg: Terrorists' Excuse du Jour: "For me, the truly dismaying news this week didn't come from the NIE but from the German media. A German opera house announced that it would cancel its staging of Mozart's 'Idomeneo' because Berlin police concluded that staging the opera - which includes a scene in which Jesus, Buddha, Poseidon and Muhammad are beheaded - would pose an 'incalculable security risk' from jihadists. Germany, recall, proudly opposed the Iraq war - but still narrowly missed a Spain-style terrorist attack on its rail system this summer.

A leading Muslim spokesman in Germany explained that he was all for free speech, as long as it didn't offend Muslims. The Germans' all-too-typical appeasement of terrorism no doubt makes them 'safer' and 'creates' fewer terrorists.

And all it cost them - for now - is Mozart."

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