Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Boeing Scores Another One

They just reeled in a huge contract for technology to patrol the borders. Add this to the explosion of orders for the 787, the stumbling of Airbus' A-380 and A-350 program, and the new labor contract, and this has been one of the best years ever for Boeing. It is only a matter of time before they combine their power with Starbucks and make the Pacific Northwest the center of the universe.


Tom said...

I'm sure I'm wrong about this, but didn't Boeing just move a huge portion of its operations out of the Pacific northwest to Atlanta or Arizona or Denver or something? Or were they just threatening the move?

J.D. said...

Yes, they did. They moved some manufacturing jobs to Wichita and to Tennessee, I think. They also moved their corporate HQ to Chicago a few years ago. It can be really hard to keep track, primarily because Boeing is ALWAYS threatening to move its manufacturing jobs. For commerical aviation, they are actually having the composite wings and other areas of the fuselage for the 787 built in Japan, though the assembly and avionics are being manufactured north of Seattle in Everett.

All of this supports my theory of Boeing's aim for global domination, but I am still searching for the Starbucks connection.

dcat said...

Boeing employees drink Starbucks. And the executives make their plans to overthrow the world there.


J.D. said...

To quote Jerry Seinfeld after he and George figure out how to do "the switch":

"So devious and yet so simple."