Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sergeant York

Only this time, from the German perspective:

Suddenly, down the side of the far hill, a group of German soldiers came running to the command post yelling, "Die Amerikaner Kommen!" Then, off to the right, Vollmer saw a group of 210th soldiers drop their weapons and yell, "Kamerad," their hands high in the air. Bewildered, Vollmer drew his pistol and ordered them to pick up their weapons. Behind Vollmer came several Americans charging down the hill. Believing it was a large American attack, the 210th surrendered. Before Vollmer realized what had happened, a large American with a red mustache, broad features and a freckled face had captured him as well. That Yank, from the 82nd Division, was Corporal Alvin C. York.
A new view on the famous World War I hero. Take a look.

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