Thursday, August 24, 2006

Expect to see more analysis like this

From Behind McCain's Blast at Bush Over the War

Journalists have wanted this story for a long time now. Over the past several months I have watched McCain as journalists interviewed him on the various Sunday morning shows. Every question, and every follow-up question has been designed to put daylight between McCain and President Bush. McCain has been very careful to take what I would call the "Cobra II" line. That is, he says that flaws in the original invasion plan led to problems in the war's aftermath. But, he is always careful to add, the war was the right thing to do, mistakes happen in every war plan (even giving the example of MacArthur's prediction that the Chinese wouldn't intervene in Korea). At any rate, my take is this: ignore the analysis. Go to the source for yourself. This is a good example of a media-generated story. They wanted to see it so badly that they made it happen.

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