Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Status of Fusion

The Big Tent has been awfully green recently, which has been interesting, so let's add this recent article on the status of the development of power from nuclear fusion. Short version: it's still a long way off.

Maybe they should call Elizabeth Shue.


Mark said...

I wrote a report on fusion power back on high school. It appears that things are about the same now as 1997. Particularly interesting is this section I had:

"Currently, scientists estimate that it will take 10-15 years to achieve ignition. After that, another 10-15 years to have the output high enough to justify commercial reactors. Hopefully by then, reactors will be small enough so that they are practical for commercial use. By the middle of the next century, the world's energy problems could be solved entirely."

Umm... maybe not the best estimates.

And I think might be more helpful.

Mark said...

oops... the link above should include "Keanu Reeves"

Tom said...

It's a deal. You take Keanu Reeves and I'll take Elizabeth Shue.

Mark said...

Damn! Lost that one.