Thursday, July 06, 2006

Leavenworth Bound

The US Army is charging its first officer for refusing to serve in Iraq. The specific articles - missing movement, contempt toward officials, and conduct unbecoming an officer - are relatively easy to prove in a courts-martial and can lead to two years, one year, and one year of confinement, respectively. Also note that military courts tend to impose confinements consecutively, not concurrently. And that good time is awarded in military confinement at 1:10, unlike the generous 2:1 granted at many civil institutions. The Army won't have to go to any real lengths to make an example out of this guy.

I wonder what he was thinking. Taking a commission in the military is entirely voluntary. Did he not know what it is that the Army does, and by extension, what he would be expected to do as an officer? If he took the commission with the object in mind of making a big, public moral statement about the war, did he think it would be an easy protest with few consequences? Well, he's made his choice, and now he has to face the music.

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