Friday, June 09, 2006


Sorry for the light posting this week. This time it is not our fault--Blogger has gone down in the afternoon every day this week.

But while it is working I have a query for our readers. As most of you know, the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations meeting is in Lawrence, Kansas at the end of the month (June 23-25) and our friend Robert is returning from Norway that week. I know that many of you were planning on coming out for a bit of a reunion, but I do not have the specifics. I do know that we will be firing up the grills and drinking the beers, but I would like to have a ballpark on how many people are going to be in town.

Who's coming? When? Are you staying with us?

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Anonymous said...

Ugh, bad news for the DCers on this one. We can't make it. Steve has a business trip that weekend. The rest of you folks will be grilling it up in style without us. :-( We'll be out to Kansas sometime soon, I hope. I need to see those little guys before too long!

Stephen said...

Our moving truck arrives on the 23rd. I will see if maybe Erica and her dad would want to swing by.

Jef said...


Sorry for the tardy reply. Commencement weekend and family obligations kept me from my email. Anyway, I won't be there. Just my luck--the one significant conference near my future home and I haven't moved yet. Buy Robert a Shiner Bok for me and welcome him home.