Thursday, June 08, 2006

NBC News Reports Al-Zarqawi Killed By U.S. Special Forces

The report just interrupted Jay Leno. There are no web links from news bureaus just yet. Stay Tuned.

Update: Here is CNN's first report. Sounds like the Pentagon won't comment until later and more forensics are needed.

(from Tom): Confirmed--killed by an airstrike.

The world just became a better place.


Dane said...

Ah, looks like my boys took care of him. Sad thing is, it won't change much over there.

Tom said...

You might be right that the demise of Zarqawi won't change much in Iraq, but you should probably explain why that is a sad thing.

Since some of us labor under the impression that we have been remarkably successful in a very difficult situation in Iraq, the sad thing would be that trend changing.

Killing Zarqawi is just another part of the success story.

Meredith said...

This is for Ren: I'm not the only one who found it odd that they had a golden framed picture of his corpse so soon!

Dane said...

Tom, I'm not saying that it "didn't" matter. I'm glad they got this guy. I'm concerned that this victory is only a small step in the big picture. Another one of his henchmen will fill his spot. BUT, hopefully they won't be as smart as this last guy.

Taking out these big heads will help, but even when we do catch/kill Bin Laden, that still won't change the zealots under him.

It is a good thing we got this guy.

We HAVE been sucessful in Iraq. (Look at the rest of military history/battles etc) This is just another step in the final picture over there.

Anonymous said...

I'm not doubting that Al-Zarqawi is dead, i'm sure he is...I'm just saying that from the picture, he is a little clean for having two 500 lbs bombs dropped on him.

-Marine II

Tom said...

That's true. Of course, the picture might be all there was left of him.

How's that for a warm fuzzy?

Tom said...

Check that--apparently Zarqawi was the only one of the six who were killed to survive the bombing for a while. When the Iraqi police got to the scene they put him on a stretcher. Shortly after the Americans arrived he died.

See here.