Sunday, June 25, 2006


Why Joe Lieberman is Fighting for his Political Life

Lieberman's exchange with the angry constituent really rings true. Man yells "Vietnam!! Blah Blah, no plan!" Lieberman responded: "We have a plan." It continues. Man says he would like to see the plan but never bothered to read the plan and can't name Lieberman's opponent.

I can see it in my head because I have had the same exchange so many times.


Bob said...

Yeah. These guys are focused on Democratic Party purity rather than on gaining a majority in Congress. I'm glad the dems are having a healthy debate. Is it too much to ask they keep their eyes on the ball at the same time? Joe Lieberman is not in the top 50 problems faced by the Democratic Party, or, for that matter, by the United States.

There is a plan for Iraq, and that plan isn't working as well as I would hope. That doesn't mean we should give up, necessarily— but this kind of infighting just makes me crazy, particularly as a moderate without a home in either party.

Stephen said...

Right. It is the ignorance that bugs me. In order to disagree with the plan, you have to know the plan. I would love to debate the merits of the plan. There are plenty of legitimate, interesting, loyal criticisms one could make about the Iraq war. I never hear them.