Friday, June 02, 2006

Be Careful

Warning--you very well may not survive this.

(Hat tip to Sports Guy.)

Update: Ask and you shall receive. Here is Stewie Griffin's version of the Shatner version. (Hat tip to the Corner.) Not as funny as the original, but how could it be?

Incidently, have we ever had greater proof that the entire country had been sucked down a devilish sinkhole of stench and polyester and malaise in the 1970s than the fact that the audience wasn't in hysterics during Shatner's performance? Seriously, how messed up to you have to be not to be laughing your ass off? There just has to be a chapter on this in Stephen's book on the seventies.


dcat said...

Most brilliant is the fact that Stewie griffin does a spot-on version of this, but without explcitly mentioning Shattner. Just wicked.


montana urban legend said...

Of course, reactions of shock and anguish could have possibly blunted the urge to laugh one's ass off.

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