Monday, May 22, 2006

Top Books on English

Author David Crystal lists his five favorite books on the the history and use of English.

I wouldn't presume to add anything to such a list, but I really enjoyed Simon Winchester's books on the history of the Oxford English Dictionary, The Professor and the Madman and The Meaning of Everything.


dcat said...

It is a bit on the fluff side, but I like "Eats, Shoots & Leaves" and I have found "Woe Is I" to be useful. And of course there is the Chicago Manual of Style.


Tom said...

And Strunk and White, Elements of Style.

Mark said...

If my students understood even a fraction of what those books talk about, I would be a much less frustrated person right now.

(Sorry, grading annoyances)

dcat said...

Mark -- I find that beating them with broomsticks works. It does not make them better writers. But it makes you feel better.