Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Review of Rome

Martha Bayles reviews the first season of the HBO series. The review is a rarity: it is exactly right, even with the small criticisms of the portrayals of Cato and Cicero. If you are interested in history or like to be entertained or teach anything that remotely relates to Roman history and want something to show your classes, Rome is fantastic.

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Irish Paul said...

I agree Tom - Rome is fantastic! I wish they had gone back to the Gracchi, or even Marius and Sulla, but I suppose Julius Caesar is more marketable. Did you know that the BBC merged the first three episodes into two, cutting out most of the scenes in the Senate? (but none of the sex) Apparently they believed that British audiences didn't need as much background on Roman history as Americans did... whether or not this is true is irrelevant, these scenes were good drama and fans of Roman history, regardless of how well versed they are, would want to see them. Michael Apted, the director was furious, and I think he even tried suing the BBC. Can't wait for season 2.