Thursday, May 11, 2006

My Problem

Will on McCain and 'the Constitution'


Tom said...

I don't really like McCain, and my opinion is that his campaign finance reform law is unconstitutional. However, if Will took McCain seriously, he would give a slightly more charitable account of what McCain's "quote First Amendment rights" phrasing meant. I think it's pretty clear that McCain wasn't disparaging the First Amendment. Instead he was mocking the notion of opponents of his law that his law had anything to do with the First Amendment.

I think he is wrong, but since the Supreme Court has yet to strike down McCain-Feingold on the grounds that it violates the First Amendment, it seems that lots of smart people disagree with me (and Will). Maybe George Will should use his esteemed position to ask McCain and the members of the Court why that is so, instead of scoring cheap points on McCain's poorly worded phrase.

Anonymous said...

He has been after McCain on this issue for quite some time.