Thursday, May 18, 2006

Academic Hiring

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dcat said...

I think there is an element of sour grapes overstatement here. The hiring process sucks, but I am not certain it is accurate, actually, I am certain that it is not accurate, that somehow the best and most capable do not get jobs. I think this is a process through which one must traipse lightly, and Tootle and I have seen the ugly side of it, but it seems like a self-serving myth for the jobless to assert that they are in fact the most capable and that those with jobs somehow maintained an anodyne facade to carry them through the system. It may be reassuring to some to think that they are just unappreciated geniuses who have run into a system for which they are just too real, man, but alas it falls apart as an argument because it is what those of us concerned with facts like to call "not true."