Thursday, April 13, 2006

Silly Tyrants

One of the many projects going on at the Combat Studies Institute is the Operational Leadership Experiences program, which is a fancy title for oral histories with individuals who have been participated in the war on terror. The interviews are free and available online here (it's on the right, third from the bottom).

So I'm hanging out at work, and the now retired American officer who was in charge of Saddam's security in Iraq comes in to talk to a friend who's in the next office. We got to talking. You'll be surprised to find out that Saddam's a strange duck. Apparently the murdering tyrant really liked his time in the excercise yard, because it gave him the opportunity to tend to his makeshift weed garden. He became so attached to his weeds that when they moved him, they had to bring the plants along for the ride.

That particular story isn't in the interview, but there are other episodes of the hijinks of the former Iraqi high command in my new friend's oral history. Enjoy.

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Stephen said...

Great stuff. I could spend days browsing those oral histories.