Thursday, April 27, 2006

Read This One

David Beamer reviews United 93 and makes a passionate plea for us to remember why we fight:

There are those who question the timing of this project and the painful memories it evokes. Clearly, the film portrays the reality of the attack on our homeland and its terrible consequences. Often we attend movies to escape reality and fantasize a bit. In this case and at this time, it is appropriate to get a dose of reality about this war and the real enemy we face. It is not too soon for this story to be told, seen and heard. But it is too soon for us to become complacent. It is too soon for us to think of this war in only national terms. We need to be mindful that this enemy, who made those holes in our landscape and caused the deaths of some 3,000 of our fellow free people, has a vision to personally kill or convert each and every one of us. This film reminds us that this war is personal. This enemy is on a fanatical mission to take away our lives and liberty--the liberty that has been secured for us by those whose names are on those walls in Battery Park and so many other walls and stones throughout this nation. This enemy seeks to take away the free will that our Creator has endowed in us. Patrick Henry got it right some 231 years ago. Living without liberty is not living at all.


Stephen said...

Just in case you didn't make the connection with the name, David Beamer is the father of Todd Beamer.

Tom said...

Yes, but that is not why I linked it.

I won't claim to feel quite the same level of anger Mr. Beamer has toward these people who want to kill all of us, but I'm in the neighborhood. The point is that I would have linked the article no matter who wrote it.