Friday, April 21, 2006


The Generals' Dangerous Whispers

I have been reading more Krauthammer lately. He is starting to fall into that special category (along with George Will and others) of thinkers-- I feel like I should take their ideas seriously and figure out if I agree with them or not.


dcat said...

This is one place where we disagree. Not on Krauthammer. On Will. I have always thought of Will as a pretentious pseudo-intellectual, a guy with a reputation for being smart beyond all sense of his actual intellect. It's like Will was always pissed that Safire was seen as a bona fide intellectual and so went overboard with the tortured high-brow references that rarely actually enforced the arguments he was trying to make. Plus, don't get me started on his rhapsodizing about baseball. His baseball writing is utter crud.


Tom said...


Save your breath--Stephen's got a C.C. Sabathia-sized man crush on George Will.


greg said...

Krauthammer's is a very good article. I think I have a Mugsy Bogues-sized man crush on him.