Wednesday, April 12, 2006

How Did We Miss This One?

Peter Wood tells how he shut down the School of Education at King's College in New York City. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.


Toby said...

As a student in the "education" program at UNC, I completely agree with Wood. The classes are all based upon the idea of active, exploratory learning, in which the students teach themselves. Kumbaya! Yay. (This is especially painful after my 400-level history course with Dr. Tootle (Stephen to most of you).) You should see the looks of disgust I get when I mention that I am actually going to lecture (!) in my classes when I teach.

I'm in this program for the piece of paper they'll give me in the end. I'm in too deep to give up now, so I just have to sludge my way through this mess and hope that I emerge with some sanity.

Atlas said...


To paraphrase Gerard in the movie the Fugitive, when speaking to Newman,

"Dont let them give you any **** about your lecturing!"

I have had the same experience. Work to change it from the inside. Just be carefull how you do it.