Friday, April 07, 2006


Home opener in Cleveland!

Or, if you are not a sick individual who derives some sort of bizarre pleasure from cheering for teams that never win championships, you could read Jonah Goldberg's article on French protests: "Now is the time to burn a car for better dental benefits."

I know we all feel a vast emptiness in our souls because for the first time in something like four years, there isn't a Hanson article on NRO so far this Friday morning. Fear not, we will survive. Read his piece on immigration instead: "Assimilation is the Real Debate." Think of it as methadone.

Update: We knew he wouldn't let us down. Here's a point about Iranian madness I hadn't thought of:

The Islamic world lost their Middle Eastern nuclear deterrent with the collapse of the Soviet Union — no surprise, then, that we have not seen a multilateral conventional attack on Israel ever since. But with a nuclear Islamic Iran, the mullahs can claim that a new coalition against Israel would not be humiliated — or at least not annihilated when it lost — since the Iranians could always, Soviet-like, threaten to go nuclear. There are surely enough madmen in Arab capitals who imagine that, at last, the combined armies of the Middle East could defeat Israel, with the guarantee that a failed gambit could recede safely back under an Islamic nuclear umbrella.
Not surprisingly, he thinks the Iranians are miscalculating. Read it all.

Now, isn't that better?

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thejamestaylor said...

Glad to see a post on Iran - two comments on Hanson's article:

1: Bush needs to show more international leadership. When Frenchmen or Germans find themselves within missile range and can't do anything about it, they suddenly see American hegemony in a far different light.

2: One cannot rationalize with the Iranian leadership, nor do they respond well to threats. We are not dealing with brazen geopolitical strategists here. The sad fact is that there is nothing, outside of military action, which will prevent Iran from building nuclear weapons.