Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Alternative Fuels

Popular Mechanics does a comparison. Excellent.

(Hat tip to Instapundit.)


greg said...

Great article to learn the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative fuel. Each one has positives and similar negatives: cost efficiency and/or allowing Americans to enjoy the same lifestyle (i.e. going on Wallyworld trips at the drop of a hat without having to take time off to plug in your car) as they do with gasoline-powered cars. One thing the government can do to help, and Bush has begun to do this, is tie innovation in alternative fuels to national security. Each of the alternative fuels mentioned in the article is just a few tweaks away from being viable on a wide scale. Private sector innovation, the promise of big profits and more mainstream concern for the environment and national security will help precipitate results.

Scott A. Edwards said...

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