Thursday, March 09, 2006

Sports Guy Mailbag

Good stuff, including another take on the Bonds situation.

Which reminds me... Kobe Bryant is at least as much of a jerk as Barry Bonds, probably more, yet the sports media falls over itself telling us how wonderful he is and Nike does ads with the guy implying that he is really a trooper for overcoming so much adversity, which, of course he created by cheating on his wife and being the worst teammate in professional sports. Obviously we still don't like Kobe, but how reviled would that guy be if he got the Bonds' treatment everyday? Just a thought.


greg said...

Coverage of Bonds vs. coverage of Kobe = David Stern vs. Bud Selig. Selig is an incompetent boob. Stern is not (I don't like him, but he's good at manufacturing media image).

Paul said...

Ray Ratto also has an interesting take at Plus, he looks like Tommy Boy with a mustache.

greg said...

Holy schniekies!!! That IS Tommy Boy 10 years later.