Friday, March 31, 2006

Smithsonian Magazine

We have a subscription, and it is always an enjoyable read. The problem for blogging is that I forget to link it because I'm not very smart. Knowing I'm not very smart, here are a few articles from last few months:

The fascinating story of how the San Francisco Mint survived the 1906 earthquake and fire.

Who's buried in John Paul Jones' tomb?

A piece on Pompeii, which is always a creepy and interesting topic.

This dog has seen more cool things than I have.

Finally, it appears that we have Greeley, Colorado and a bad barber to blame for the War on Terror. Root causes, indeed.


greg said...


I agree with you about the Smithsonian; I think I've read each of those articles. Which makes me wonder: are we to see Tootle fleeing ot the hills of Pakistan as a result of his hairdo soon???.

Another article from another magazine I thought was quite good was Robert Kaplan's article in the The Atlantic: The Coming Normalcy (

Tom said...

That Kaplan article is fantastic, but it is not completely available at the Atlantic site yet, so we'll hold off on linking it. But if people have access, I highly recommend it.

greg said...

I'm looking forward to reading Imperial Grunts when it comes out in paperback. I'm cheap.