Thursday, March 23, 2006

Roe v. Wade for Men

Jeff Jacoby summarizes our latest bit of perfectly predictable insanity.


montana urban legend said...

Of course, the flip side of Jacoby's retrograde pining equally reinforces the idea that women should feel less responsible for their poor, muddled, last-minute choices in potential fathers, and vindicated of an utterly irresponsible lack of initiative in communicating their view on reproductive decisions before spreading their legs.

Damn technology!

Anonymous said...


You are a pig.

montana urban legend said...

Yes, but an articulate one who doesn't see women or men as helpless agents of reproduction.

Anonymous, whatever, his or her gender, (and species), must possess great insight to so confidently insinuate mine.

But getting back to the rational, the argument can obviously be made on both sides. I find it hard to believe that anyone could seriously engage a discussion on the responsibilities involved in having children without addressing how those decisions are made and discussed beforehand. I think it's safe to say that couples who are having sex outside of a committed relationship leading to marriage (and even many within that context) are doing so for anything BUT the purpose of having children. It is not the norm in this culture to desire children from conceptions that would accidently result on that basis - anonymous' limbic potshots notwithstanding - and I don't see what is wrong with asserting that it just might behove any woman feeling otherwise to state as much beforehand. I've known more than a couple women who have and consider it no less a demonstration of responsibility than a man who makes sure to use a condom. If anonymous thinks responsibility only pertains to men or women after to conception but ONLY to men before potentially irreversible, consensual decisions are made, then perhaps (s)he can explain why and what zoological ad hominems would apply to someone crudely holding that double-standard.

Anonymous said...

So how does your mom "spread her legs?"

montana urban legend said...

Probably the same way your mother does/did.

Is this seriously the best you can do...? Spewing all this indignation over the physical placements that help to facilitate coitus? I'm sorry, I don't quite feel your pain on that.