Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A Couple of Favorites in The American Enterprise

James Lileks on "COPS":

It is conceivable that sometime next year, the television show “COPS” could show the arrest of an adult whose mother was arrested while pregnant with him in the series’ first season 18 years ago. That’s “COPS.” And that’s a remarkably long TV run.
Victor Davis Hanson on the sixties mentality among too many Democrats:

Reflecting that they are captive to an extremist base, the Democrats’ collective questioning of Alito boiled down to the feeling that little has changed since around 1965. They still blame America first, not the radical Islamists. They still distrust our military more than our foreign enemies. They still believe that only wealthy East Coast liberals such as themselves can bestow equal rights and economic success on appreciative poor people, blacks, Hispanics, and women.
(As an aside, maybe one of our readers can explain why the American Enterprise Magazine site seems to be so slow all the time.)

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