Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Trevor Butterworth in the Financial Times defines blogs pretty narrowly and then dismisses them entirely:

And that, in the end, is the dismal fate of blogging: it renders the word even more evanescent than journalism; yoked, as bloggers are, to the unending cycle of news and the need to post four or five times a day, five days a week, 50 weeks of the year, blogging is the closest literary culture has come to instant obsolescence. No Modern Library edition of the great polemicists of the blogosphere to yellow on the shelf; nothing but a virtual tomb for a billion posts - a choric song of the word-weary bloggers, forlorn mariners forever posting on the slumberless seas of news.
In trying to find a point to blogging, a single unifying point, he misses the point.

Oh, and I liked the "supposedly" in the sentence about the fake Rather memos.

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