Monday, February 20, 2006

Sports Guy at the All Star Game

He's a groupie.

Incidentally, I know I'm completely biased, but I think the shot at LeBron was unfair. He was awesome in the game, and not just bcause he took a lot of shots. He's twenty-one. He'd be a junior in college. Matt Wong's got it right.

I try to keep the Cleveland sports stuff to a minimum on Big Tent. (Cleveland '64 is on an extended hiatus.) So I did not link the article ESPN did ten days ago about how the Cavs plan to keep LeBron. It is mostly the usual stuff, only more in-depth. But it has an ending that makes it hard for me to breathe, I get so excited:

Ultimately, [Cavs owner Dan] Gilbert understands that his mission to succeed in Cleveland and his efforts to keep James content are essentially one and the same.

"Whatever great reaction you saw with the awesome Jerome Bettis winning his last game as a pro in the Super Bowl in his hometown Detroit will be multiplied a thousand times the day LeBron James holds the Larry O'Brien Trophy over his head in the parade in downtown Cleveland," Gilbert said. "I can't tell you when, exactly, but I can tell you something that all of us, including LeBron, know: That day is coming."


Irish Paul said...

It would be good for the NBA. Are you sure you're meant to comment on your own post Tom?

Tom said...

(It was a test.)