Sunday, February 26, 2006


McCain was on This Week this morning. He is defending the port deal and sounds presidential, reasonable, and he is making excellent points about Dubai. He is also pointing the way toward some kind of congressional compromise to avoid a showdown. He condemned the "near hysteria" that is drawing attention away from real issues in Iraq and Iran. He also pointed out the most obvious point that this is just a deal for the terminals.

At any rate, factor this into a possible scenario: McCain will run as a Conservative Bush Republican and make a one-term pledge. McCain/Lieberman? McCain/Rice?


thejamestaylor said...

I would be happier with a Rice / McCain ticket.

Dane said...

I like McCain. He's got the sand to back his thoughts, and usually doesn't conform towards the poles of the GOP or DNC.

greg said...

Speaking of Dubai and port security, don't forget William Langewiesche's article "Anarchy at Sea" in the Atlantic Monthly from September 2003.

Full transcript at

greg said...

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