Thursday, February 16, 2006

Harold Ford, Jr. Update

Frank Cagle has written a short profile of Ford's chances in his senate campaign:

Comes now Congressman Harold Ford Jr., a Democrat from Memphis, no less, who is running hard to the right in an effort to win a U.S. Senate seat....

Ford said he supports the Second Amendment right to bear arms, he is against partial birth abortion, he argues we have to stay in Iraq until we get the job done and he says he was encouraged on his most recent of four visits to the war zone. He wants to end pork barrel spending and balance the budget by making every department cut spending, and he wants to reform the tax code.

It was in the area of entitlements that Ford made his boldest statements. He says we need to notify people 40 and under right now that they won’t be getting Social Security until they are 70. Increased life expectancy is threatening the solvency of the program. He also favors means testing so that those making over $300,000 a year would not receive a Social Security check. He is opposed to private accounts.
Question: this is "hard to the right"? Wow.

(Hat tip to Instapundit.)

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