Friday, February 03, 2006

DCAT Stuff

Derek has posted some of the deeply offensive Muhammad cartoons and a new reading list at DCAT.

Also, it would be a good idea to read his recent op-ed from History News Service.


Grant Jones said...

Please explain what's offensive about these cartoons. They're actually quite restraint, as the Mohammedan response/provocations demonstrates.

dcat said...

Grant --
I think we're all in agreement here -- Tom was being sarcastic. But, and I think this is key, in Islam, any depiction of Mohammed is considered blesphemous, and I can see why someone might get exercised over some of the images if they take their religion seriously. I would never have previously posted them on dcat because I would have known that some might have been offended, and I prefer to offend people for reasons other than their religion. But I did post it out os a sense of solidarity for a more important issue, free speech and media openness. If Muslims want to debate the appropriateness of the cartoons, I am fine with that. but once threats of beheadings and jihad is on the table, we have to take a stand.