Thursday, February 09, 2006

Commies Everywhere

In today's OpinionJournal, John Fund has a review of Cold War/evils of communism museums all over the world.

On a related note... Remember the Jacques Pluss incident? What should be done with Grover Furr, a tenured English professor at Montclair who is a self professed communist and denies Soviet atrocities?


dcat said...

English professors aren't supposed to care about such constructs as "facts," remember? You Big Tenters and your damned modernist bent never learn. I would do nothing, except maybe ship him to Siberia. In 1935.

Ralph Luker said...

In legal terms, the two cases aren't really comparable. Jacques Pluss was an adjunct faculty member, dismissable at will; awful as he is, Grover Furr is a tenured member of the faculty at Montclair State.

Tom said...

I like Derek's suggestion.

dcat said...

That's because you understand that my tyrannical dictatorship of the people, the machinary of which would be lubricated by the blood of the dumb and the insolent, would be the GOOD kind of tyrannical dictatorship. It's all about context.