Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Troubling Trends in Religion

Full Story: "Biblical illiteracy. The Barna Group has discovered that most Christians (and I would add most Jews) are in increasing numbers biblically illiterate. Churches have demoted and de-emphasized Bible study. People are too busy and Bible teachers are often ill-trained volunteers or semi-professionals. I agree with Barna and see this in the Sunday-TV preachers I regularly monitor for good jokes. Many of them use biblical verses as mere decorations for their psycho-babble sermons, not the driving reason for their sermons. They rarely engage in sustained text study before launching into the elevation of bourgeois atavisms under the guise of a religious truth. We are people of the Bible but you would hardly know it going to church nowadays. "

Another finding: only 7% of Americans are evangelicals. Given the number of Christians in this country, that is a pretty small number. The vast majority of Christians are not evangelicals. The evangelicals just make the most noise.

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