Tuesday, January 10, 2006

re: Debate

Ren's poaching my turf has spurred me into some more comments on the election. I haven't been following it quite as closely, since I've already put in my vote (not telling who for), but I did catch bits of the debate last night, live (yay, CSPAN2). It was livelier than the last debate, but considering the last debate was about as lively as watching paint dry, that's not saying much.

Since I last wrote, there have been a few changes in the situation. There are new allegations of Liberal corruption and scandal, which have hampered their efforts to concentrate on their record. The Conservatives have run a rather smooth, if uninspiring, campaign, and have managed to capitalize somewhat on that and on Liberal miscues. Still, while the polls show the Conservatives moving into the lead, the race is still tight, and I'm not ready to change my prediction of another Liberal minority. But I'm seeing the possibility of a Conservative minority more likely than just a few weeks ago.

But there are still 2 weeks left...

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