Friday, January 06, 2006

Not a good sign, but predictable

Pew Global Attitudes Project: Summary of Findings: Russia's Weakened Democratic Embrace
"By an overwhelming 81%-14% margin, Russians say a strong economy is more important than a good democracy. The desire for a healthy economy is strong and consistent across all segments of Russian society--men and women, young and old, and every socioeconomic subgroup agree that, if forced to choose, they would pick prosperity over democracy."


Tom said...

What kind of fool poses a question that implies prosperity and democracy are in opposition? Are they trying to convince the Russian people that if they drop democracy they can have prosperity? Do they have a team of monkeys coming up with these polls?

Paul said...

Tom-- You're right; democracy and prosperity are not in opposition to each other. The U.S. is a good example. Bush is quickly eroding our civil liberties and imposing a czarist state and the economy is tanking at the same time. Don't you read the NYT? Geez.

Stephen said...

More proof of what I consider the scariest thing about human nature: people will usually choose prosperity over liberty.