Friday, January 06, 2006

My Favorite Democrat

Tennessee's Harold Ford, Jr. is running a quiet but effective campaign for Bill Frist's Senate spot, according to this excellent post at a Washington Post blog.

There is no active politician I like more than Representative Ford. I mean that. If I wasn't trying to buy a house right now, I would contribute money to his campaign.

Don't take my word for it, go read his campaign website. If there is a future for the Democratic party, Harold Ford, Jr. is it.

(Hat tip to KC Johnson.)


Jeff said...

Tom, I could not agree more. Ford's family is as sleazy as they come (I have a chapter on his dad and the Ford political machine in my dissertation). I am afraid his uncle's legal troubles and the rest of the Ford clan may lose the election for him (not to mention Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi) but this guy---unlike Jesse Jackson, Jr. and other second generation post civil rights African American pols gets it. He belongs to the Blue Dog coalition. The good news for Republicans is that most Democrats aren't smart enough to follow his lead. Despite that fact, some of us are trying.

Tom said...

Thanks Jeff, that's all we can ask and hope for.

Ren said...

I agree. For years, I used say that the first African-American president would be Republican. Then I saw Harold Ford in action. Smart, charismatic, young, moderate. It was a bad day for the Democrats when they chose Pelosi over Ford for the House leadership.

Stephen said...

My favorite Democrat is still Jeff.