Thursday, January 26, 2006

From Florida Paul (for Tom)

Dr. Z: Eighth annual TV Commentator Awards

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Tom said...


He's right--Randy Cross has gotten much less annoying, especially since they got him out of the studio. But he's wrong about what a great thing it is that Harlan announces the change in defensive personnal. Sometimes it is fine, but Harlan takes the announcement that the nickel package is in to a pathological level. He actually misses other parts of the game, like injuries, because he's so excited about telling us there are five dbs on the field on a 3rd and 15.

He's wrong to be so rough on Aikman. I've heard Aikman tear up guys for screwing up in games, and I'm not compelled by the Brett Favre example. Did it occur to the good doctor that none of Farve's receivers got separation, because, oh I don't know, they suck?

And how could he leave off Theisman saying that Jim Haslett should be the coach of the year?

Overall, though, it's a good list.

He still ranks Simms too high.