Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Cops say teens planned to burn 27 stolen baby Jesus statues. The parents of the teens had different responses:

Robert Olson, whose 18-year-old son Christopher was charged in the case, said he and his family were shocked by the arrest.

"Although Chris is sometimes misguided, this was not something we expected out of him," he said."

Olson said his son is unemployed and working toward resuming his high school education. The teen is on probation for a disorderly persons offense involving a disagreement with a neighbor, his father said.

"I'm saddened by this. I'm glad at least that (burning the figures) didn't happen and it was stopped," the elder Olson said. "I hope my son and the others will come to grips with what they've done and make full restitution and get whatever help they need to get rid of those feelings."

Frank Payne, whose 19-year-old son Michael was among those charged, said bias was not a factor.

"Michael has been hanging around with the wrong people," he said. "He goes to college. He's an outstanding young kid."
Not my Mikey! He would never do such a thing! At least Mr. Olson put the blame where it belonged.

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