Monday, December 19, 2005

Muslim politician in Canada

Normally, I would post this at MarkRite, since it's a Canada election story. But I think it might have some larger themes, and besides, it's on LGF now too, so you'll probably be seeing it there anyway.

Liberal strategy a dangerous mix of religion and politics

HT to Daimnation!, who says this:

Imagine if the recently-nominated Conservative candidate in Canada's most multicultural city deemed his nomination a "victory for Christianity", and if his supporters proclaimed the start of a "crusade to return Canada to its roots". Oh, and if Stephen Harper ignored questions about the nomination from outraged party members. We'd never hear the end of it. It would be proof that Stephen Harper and the Conservatives were nothing but a bunch of intolerant bigots who have a "hidden agenda" to destroy the cherished ideals of tolerance and multiculturalism.
Now, I'm not saying that Mr. Alghabra is an Islamist, or that electing him would necessarily mean the introduction of Islamist ideology into Parliament. But it is alarming rhetoric. And Damian's comments are spot on about the double-standard among the Canadian public towards the Liberals and Conservatives.

And just in case you're wondering, he will be elected, because he is Liberal, and people in Toronto vote Liberal no matter who their MP candidate is. Just to remind you, here are my comments from the last election: More Canadian Elections. And to reinforce the point, the former MP is this specimen:
4) In another Toronto riding, the voters re-elected (with 54% of the vote) an MP who publicly stated that she “hates” those “damn American” “bastards”. (she has since been kicked out of the Liberal party after further anti-American statements. But she would likely win the riding if she were to run again.)

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