Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Golden Globes

Here is the complete list of nominees.

Some first thoughts: This has been a good year for movies. I haven't seen all of the films yet, but Walk the Line is my pick for best everything so far. I will reserve final judgement until I have seen most of the biggies.
I can't remember a year when I wanted to see so many movies. I am looking forward to seeing King Kong, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Family Stone, and Munich. I thought Crash deserved more notice. My wife will make me see Memoirs of a Geisha, I'm sure.


Tom said...

I thought it was a good year for movies, too. Ironic considering the decreased box office takes, especially early in the year.

Still, I have to say I'm not too impressed with the nominations. They seem exceedingly pretentious. Gay cowboys? Another Jane Austen movie? The movie version of a musical based on a movie? Political films with involved plots that do not make sense? Best actress/supporting actress filled with women with British accents (wait, that's every year)? Woody Allen? Gay cowboys?

I guess when I say it was a good year for movies, I mean it in a non-award contending sense. I liked Cinderella Man, but was not blown away by it. I thought Crash took its message to the point of farce. On the other hand, I loved Star Wars Episode III, Batman Begins, and Chronicles of Narnia, but those might not be award-type movies. Oh well.

Stephen said...

And Spanglish was good too.