Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Elephants are Supposed to Have Long Memories

But Republicans have forgotten what they are supposed to stand for. So say Christopher DeMuth in the American Enterprise Magazine and Jonah Goldberg in his latest column. Goldberg concludes:

But the importance of DeMuth’s message for conservatives cannot be overlooked. In recent years AEI has garnered the reputation as the president’s brain trust. In conservative circles these days, that’s not an unmitigated compliment. Too many in the GOP have felt the rush that comes with giving out other people’s money, and as a result the party has become “worldly,” as Martin Luther might put it, selling favors like indulgences of yore. We have confused “low taxes” — which we all like — with limited government, which we don’t have. We expect Democrats to want the government to do everything, but at least they have the consistency to raise taxes in order to pay for it. Republicans lack similar convictions. Which is why they need to be born again.

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