Monday, December 05, 2005

Cleveland Fandom

This is it, precisely:

"Browns receiver Antonio Bryant said Edwards told him 'he felt something pop' in his knee."


Stephen said...

I would claim to feel your pain, but few fans could. At least I had the 80s and 90s. What about Lions fans? They have been terrible for a while. I guess they had Barry Sanders though. Never mind.

Tom said...

The Lions did have Barry, which was awesome for all of us. Right now, they are in a Browns-like funk because of drafting Joey. It is bad enough to draft a quarterback high in the first round and have him not pan out, but what makes it worse is that picking the wrong quarterback absolutely kills your team for about five years. Think Redskins with Shuler, Chargers with Leaf, Browns with Couch, Lions with Harrington, etc. So my heart goes out to Lions fans who have to endure an endless quarterback controversy just because the guy who has proven he sucks got drafted high in the first round. And their non-championshipitude has lasted longer than the Browns, going back all the way to 1957.

That said, Detroit fans on the whole are not doing too bad. The Tigers last won it all in 1984, which is bad but seems like yesterday compared to 1948. The Red Wings have been one of the most dominating franchises over the last decade, last winning in 2002. And the Pistons have won three championships since the late 1980s, including in 2004.

Paul said...

From Dr. Z's Power Rankings (

Cleveland Browns (4-8)
It's absolutely spooky what's happened to their first-round draft choices. On Sunday Braylon Edwards was lost for the season with a knee injury. Of the six previous No. 1's, Tim Couch in '99, the number one in the entire draft, flunked out. Courtney Brown in '00 and Gerard Warren in '01, were shipped out. William Green in 2002 was suspended one season, stabbed in the back by his wife on another occasion. He has been on the inactive list most of this season with a bad ankle. Last year's No. 1, Kellen Winslow, has missed two seasons. The only survivor has been center Jeff Faine, No. 1 in '03, and I heard that he didn't feel too hot when he got up yesterday morning.