Monday, November 21, 2005

A Historian among Political Scientists

And not happy about it. A fun little read.

It also includes this bit:

At least the other Iraq War critic panelist had a respectable intellectual position: that under a realpolitik analysis, the war to topple Saddam was a mistake. I suppose it was, if one wants to take a totally hard-boiled, national-interest, amoral stance and ignore Saddam's poison gassing of Kurds, his torture chambers, his masochistic sons, his mass graves. But I thought it was the Republicans that always took this tack, not the enlightened Democrats? How did we get to the point where a Republican president is emulating Woodrow Wilson, and his liberal critics savage him for not being cynical enough?
I have written an article that debunks the idea of George W. Bush as a Wilsonian, and I'm trying to get it placed somewhere, but I'm not a big enough name for anyone to pay attention. One of these days it will see the light of day.


Irish Paul said...

Let us know when you do Tom, I wouldn't mind reading that.

greg said...

Ditto Irish Paul. By the way, when do we get the uncensored story of the demise of Rebunk?