Friday, November 11, 2005

Bush Speech

Veterans Day Speech '05

This is another speech that most Americans won't hear. They will see summaries, clips, and interpretations if they pay any attention at all. I am looking at the headlines and summaries as I write these words. The headlines read:
Bush makes defiant war speech; 5 more US soldiers dead
Bush forcefully attacks critics of the war in Iraq

Most of the headlines follow that pattern. So that is the story, right? Bush attacks war critics. Well, yes, he did do that, but there is much more in that speech.

Some will continue to argue that Bush has never made the case, or doesn't have a plan. But he does make the case, quite clearly and he outlines the strategy. It doesn't matter. President Bush could give this speech every day for the next six months and it wouldn't change anything. It is a shame.


Poison Pero said...

You are absolutely correct!!!! But most are too lazy to read it, so I advise people to go to CSpan and listen to it.

Go down a little and click on it......It's long, but click on it and turn it up while making dinner, etc.

Nice site here........I'll be returning often and linking you, and hope you'll do likewise.

The Right is Right

Paul said...

Today's AP headline:
Bush Escalates Bitter Iraq War Debate