Monday, October 10, 2005

There It Is

Bleeding Red: A Red Sox Fan's Diary of the 2005 Season - Derek Catsam. Awesome. Way to go Derek.

(But you're still not allowed to talk about sports like you are some sort of "expert." Next thing you know you are going to publish books on Civil Rights and terrorism and claim you are an expert on those topics, too. You damn whippersnapper.)


dcat said...

Thanks so much!

I know nothin' about nothin'. That's my new mantra.

It may be up to another week before this durned thing is available. Hopefully B&N and Amazon will have it up with the cover pic soon. My editor wants everything to be "perfect." I thought that throbbing mediocrity was perfectly acceptable. Damn her!


J.D. said...

Nice work, Dcat. I am ordering one. Do you care if I read most of it on the toilet though?

dcat said...

Dude, if you guys read it anywhere BUT on the toilet, I'll be both shocked and profoundly disappointed.