Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Culture of Celebrity

Long, but well worth the read.

One quibble, I'm not sure he can say, "certain superstars in the National Basketball Association--Magic Johnson, Isiah Thomas, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan--were able, if it pleased them, to have their coaches fired." That might be true, but did any of those guys ever have their coaches fired? The implication of that statement for those four players is negative and unfair, especially considering they were the greatest players--in every sense, including attitude--ever.


Kevin Simpson said...

I know it's true that Jordan and Magic had their coaches fired; ask Doug Collins and Paul Westhead.

dcat said...

Do we know causality there? Do we know that it is as simple as the Lakers were happy with Paul Westhead, Magic expressed his discontent, the Lakers changed their mind? Do we know the same about Jordan (by the way, Jordan helped hire Collins when he owned/played for the Wizards). Bird supposedly did have a rtole in Bill Fitch's firing, but here is the other thing about this: So what? When the history of basketball is written, I will surmise that the place of Bird, Jordan, Magic, and Isiah (one of these guys does not belong in this company . . .) will be a notch or two higher than that of Collins, Westhead, and Fitch. So if the rumor is true, I'm going to give three of the greatest players who ever lived, and Isiah, the benefit of the doubt.


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