Saturday, October 15, 2005


No other word to describe it. Every single one of the refs in the Penn State - Michigan game today should be fired. There is nothing worse than officials chaning a game, and they changed the game--most egregiously and obviously by adding time on the clock because Lloyd Carr complained. They just cost the Nittany Lions a chance at the national championship. Bullshit.


Mark said...

I wasn't watching very closely, but it seemed to me that it was one of those situations where the timeout call takes a couple of seconds to go from coach to ref to timekeeper, and so the refs added on the couple of seconds. But like I said, I mostly missed the details of what happened.

On another note, three games coming down to the final minutes at the same time. That made for some interesting tv-watching and channel-changing.

Anonymous said...

I only saw bits and pieces of the PSU - UM game, but what I did see was the ref's mis-marking the spot of the ball. Not by a half a yard, but by 1.5 to 2 or more yards, often taking away 1st downs from PSU.
On another note, my heart was ripped out of my chest by the unbelievable lucky usc condoms. Notre Dame dominated most of the game, unfortunately, the condoms were able to get a few plays were UND was unable to contain bush.
(I need to go throw up again.)
-Marine II

Tom said...

All of the games were great, and that is what made the Penn State UM game so frustrating. The refs got in the middle of the game and consistently made calls in favor of Michigan. I do not like to blame refs because you make your own luck, but in a close contest where two teams are slugging it out, officiating can make the difference. The refs in that game made the difference, and it was disgraceful.

Paul said...

Other notable screwings:
Kent Hrbek pulling Ron Gant off first base in the 1991 World Series.
FSU beat UF in 2003 on about three missed fumble calls. (And I'm an FSU fan)
1997- Livan Hernandez strikes out 15 batters in the clinching game of the NLCS with the help of Eric Gregg's strike zone. (Tom, this one put any strike zone Maddux and Glavine ever got to shame.) I'm glad Gregg took Richie Phillips' advice and went on strike.

But in defense of the officials, look what they have to deal with: players with inflated egos, hostile crowds, self-righteous announcers who have the benefit of instant replay and slow-motion, and pressure from coaches. They get the calls right about 95% of the time, but that 5% can be a killer. I really don't buy the conspiracy theories, but I do agree that bad calls can be devastating at times.

Paul said...

More food for thought. Check out the first 'rumor.'

Paul said...

Sorry, the link was too long. Check out 'Truth and Rumors' on the NCAA Football section of

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