Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Blame Canada!!

For the demise of Remo Williams? Actually, I'm not sure why the author insists on blaming the Canuckistan, since the evidence he provides seems to indicate that the series starting struggling before the Maple Syrup-Eaters got a hold of it.

And I'm kind of mad that he took that gratuitous shot at Remo Williams the movie. What's his problem? That movie is remarkably entertaining, especially since this guy plays Remo's Korean martial arts instructor Chiun:

He's Joel Grey (Baby's dad), and he's brilliant.

Chiun: It would be better for you to eat this can than what is inside of it. Why must everything in this country be coated with monositi-... monosoti...

Remo Williams: Monosodium glutamate. You can't even say it.

Chiun: I can say "rat droppings." That does not mean I want to eat them.
So true. So true.

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Mark said...

I would defend my homeland here, but I'm not really sure how. Having never even heard of the series, I barely had any idea what the author was talking about. I will say this though. It seems like the series could be doing a lot worse under Harlequin, which is owned by the Toronto Star, an avowedly liberal paper (its editorial stance was stipulated in the original publisher's will almost 100 years ago).