Monday, October 17, 2005

Beer Snobbery

On the Corner today, Jonah Goldberg pointed out an old article he wrote on Budweiser:

Perhaps because my love of Budweiser is so genuine, I am often forced to defend it along ideological lines. I admit I do enjoy going to ludicrous establishments like the Peculiar Pub in New York or the Brickskeller in Washington and asking for a Bud. 'A Budweiser?' they will ask, as if I had requested a soiled diaper. These places make a killing by selling you some ten-ounce bottle of Bolivian donkey urine for $17, and they are shocked I want a beer I can choke down.
Unless something goes drastically awry, I will be at the Brickskeller this Friday evening with some coworkers. It sells lots of beers, like, world record lots. But, alas, nothing from New Belgium brewery and nothing from Tommyknocker breweries. So once again I'll order a Coors Light or Moosehead and believe me, Goldberg's right, the soiled diaper look will be forthcoming.


Anonymous said...

You should ask for a PBR. Nothing like a Blue Cow to get the beer snobbery leers.

-Marine II

Stephen said...

What about Iron City?

greg said...

You want a real soiled diaper look? Ask for it in a can. Nothing like drinking canned beer in a fancy joint. Make it an Oly.

J.D. said...

Meister Brau in a can. Definitely.

Paul said...

Hamm's in a can is always a winner. Or if it's a real classy joint, go for Stroh's Light.