Saturday, October 22, 2005


Score at halftime of the Penn State-Illinois game. Two ways the Lion could have responded to the screwjob at Michigan last week: let down or get mad. Guess they went with the latter. Ugly.


Anonymous said...

It's good to see some Big Ten teams doing well. I just can't figure out what happened to Purdue. They were supposed to be tough this year, but are now 0-4 in Big Ten play. Yikes.
-Marine II

dcat said...

Ditto Iowa.
And it brings about the old debate -- is the Big Ten strong this year, but there is enough parity so that they beat up on one another, or is it weak? The ACC is pretty tough this year, and while i hate to admit it, so is the Pac 10. The Big 12 has the same debate as the Big 10, and the SEC is, as always, insanely tough, though Georgia and Alabama are NOT going to finish undefeated.
In any case, one thing I very much like -- no one is dissing JoePa, who long ago earned the right to go out on whatever terms he wants. If they finish with one loss and get to, or better, win, a BCS Bowl, I'd love to see him go out on top, but if he wants to come back, that's fine too. I'm not a Big Ten guy, but I am a JoePa, doing it right kind of guy.