Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Too Bad

I am listening to a Pentagon press conference on C-SPAN. Too bad most Americans will not see or hear it. They might learn a thing or two. Couldn't the network news spare five minutes every now and then to cover this kind of thing? This particular conference is Gen. Myers's last one as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Also too bad.


Anonymous said...

C-SPAN doesn't get enough attention. I actually spent about 2-3 hrs in front of the TV watching last week. I watched Mike Pence and Jeb Hensarling talk about their trip to Iraq. I also saw the press confrence of the Sunni (can't remember his name) rep from Iraq talking about the writing of the Constitution. It was interesting to hear his thoughts on what was going on. The most important thing I heard, and did not hear reported anywhere, was that we need to have patience. Someone brought up the point that there was a 13 year time span from when the Declaration of Independence was signed to when The Constitution was signed. I just find it interesting that one of the Iraqi politicians was in D.C. talking about the writing of their Constitution and its pros and cons, but got no MSM coverage that I saw.

-Marine II

Anonymous said...

Totally unrelated:

Foreign Policy has an exchange from the Hitchens/Galloway debate.


You may already have the transcript but I thought I'd post just in case you hadn't seen it or this was from a different debate than the one that the Big Tent was recently discussing.