Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sports Guy Conversation

With author Chuck Klosterman. The link is to the second part of the conversation. I don't think Klosterman comes off that well in the exchange--see for example his comment about cheering for specific teams--but this particular bit drew my attention:

I think the most underrated sports freak would have be former San Francisco 49er cornerback Merton Hanks, who (almost certainly) had the longest neck in NFL history. He was like an emu. The only guy who came remotely close was Brad Johnson, a player my friend Jon Blixt's wife regularly referred to as, 'That ex-Viking quarterback who has the second-longest neck in the league.' I am not kidding about any of this.
True enough about Merton Hanks--I never understood how he could hit people without his head popping off (which would have made a great highlight reel). And Brad Johnson has a long neck, no doubt. But come on:

How could any self-respecting fan of neck freakery not remember Harvey Williams, running back for the Chiefs and Raiders? He was like Merton Hanks' neck twin or something.

Simmons should have been all over this one. "Sports Guy," indeed.

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